Curating Culinary Creativity

At Blue Plate Network, we’re proud to play a role in the most creative business in the world. Restaurants are where the most passionate people work and the most inspired leaders see their visions take shape. Restaurants are a thread in the cultural fabric, and all have one thing in common: The first step after the concept is born? Choosing a home.

Our expertise is best illustrated by the guidance we’ve given our clients in real estate and site location, financing and franchising.

  • Carter Wilson
    Carter WilsonFounder

    With incredible depth of experience in the nuances of restaurant real estate, Carter started Blue Plate Network based on one principle: Quality over quantity. The industry had taught him the convention: Brokerage is a transactional game, rewarding the speed of deals instead of their success. He saw an opportunity to add greater value to his clients’ businesses not by opening more restaurants, but to help them open only the best restaurants.

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  • Michael Fleming
    Michael FlemingExecutive Vice President

    Much like relationships become forged over great dining experiences, restaurants become reality over negotiations. A series of trades and compromises which, when executed properly, put restaurateurs on the map. Literally. Michael’s experiences on both sides of the transaction economy have taught him how to establish the empathy necessary for these negotiations to be successful. He fights for his clients’ best interests, but be warned: He might fight you for that last piece of bacon.

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  • Brison Williams
    Brison WilliamsVice President – Transaction Manager

    Working at the speed of restaurant operations requires ironclad legal work and trustworthy financial preparation. That’s where Brison’s well-rounded experience comes in. Having learned and applied unique insights and strategies for Fortune 100 companies in the past, he anticipates and avoids roadblocks in creative ways.

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  • Jamie Brouse
    Jamie BrouseDirector of Research and PR

    Whether she’s researching a site or orchestrating a meeting, Jamie is as consistent as she is effective. She’s in the details, and she thrives in a crunch. Bringing banking industry experience to the table, she is customer-centric and exists to make life easier. Ideas turn into empires as Jamie ensures the muscle is behind the right initiative at the right time.

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